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Municipal Septic Services - Emergency and Maintenance Pumping

Swedlund Septic offers competitive pricing to municipalities for contract pumping. We work with townships, cities, counties, the DNR and the Metropolitan Council. Some of our contracts include: Carver County, Laketown Township, Credit River Township, City of Carver, and the City of Victoria . We are also on a will call basis with several other municipalities. We offer 24 hour emergency service to all of our municipal contract accounts.

Swedlund Septic is equipped to handle all types of installation and repair. Along with residential and commercial septic services, we also service residential lift stations for city sewers. We use only high quality pumps and replacement parts. Our workmanship is top of the line and our final product is always focused for the easiest possible maintenance in the future. Many times a pump or lift station problem is caused by an electrical component. We also provide pipe televising and locating.

Swedlund Septic works hand in hand with a very experienced electrical company to make sure all electrical components are working properly.

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