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Septic System Troubleshooting

Due to Swedlund Septic's vast experience in all aspects of septic systems we are very good at determining the cause of system problems and figuring out a solution for the problem. There are hundreds of small problems that a septic system can have. The important thing is correcting these small problems before they turn into a big ones.

Three things can cause these problems:

  1. Property owners = Neglect
  2. Mother nature = Intruding forces (roots, animals, freezing, and run-off or ground water)
  3. Poor installation and maintenance contractors = Bad practice
septic troubleshooting

Whatever the cause of your problem, Swedlund Septic will identify it and give recommendations on how to fix it.

Frozen Systems - In the past few winters, Minnesota has seemed to develop a pattern of less and less snow fall. This is actually a big problem for septic systems. The snow acts as insulation and protects septic systems from freezing. If a septic system is installed properly and is getting frequent use all winter, freezing should not be a problem. If you have had a problem with freezing or are concerned it could happen, call us. In most cases freezing is the result of poor installation and can be permanently fixed. In other cases preventative measures can be taken to avoid a freeze up.

Jetting Frozen Sewer Lines - If a sewer line is freezing there is a reason why. Jetting out a frozen line will only open the line until the water cools down and refreezes. The cause for the freezing needs to be found and fixed before any jetting is done, otherwise it is a waste of time and money.

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